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Cosmetic Dentistry India

Principles of Designing Beautiful & Natural Smiles


Successful natural aesthetic outcomes with non invasive and minimally invasive dentistry Has motivated many patients to demand their pain-free smiles with greater confidence.

Practitioners need to overcome the challenge of communication with dental labs and patients In order to achieve a predictable and successful aesthetic results.

The challenge of saving chair time and avoiding patients disappointment solely depends On how effective those information are communicated.

This lecture will introduce you to Micro aesthetic approach in communication, Design and And fabrication of costume made natural looking smiles, taking you through the challenges And solutions.

Nasser’s innovatory single tooth shade match method, new color concept for aesthetic Dentistry,internal effect and natural tooth characteristics, N.Snow white natural color Concept, are also among many hot topics that will be covered during this lecture.

Dr. Nasser Shademan

Dr.Mohan Bhuvaneswaran

Nasser Shademan,world’s unique dental technologist and smile Artist with Unprecedented artistic values is well regarded by world renowned industry Leaders for his outstanding knowledge and technical skills.He is also the Founder of Micro aesthetics,a concept dentistry that emphasizes on detailed, Three dimensional aesthetics in harmony with facial forms,skin color,gender and Personality.

His technical knowledge in different restorative mechanisms combined with his Extensive skill in art, including sculpture and painting enables him to visualize and Design the finest dental restorations that fascinate dental patients with high cosmetic Demand. He is known to be an innovative dental technologist who is constantly Challenging himself to provide optimal restorative solutions in the most complicated Combination situations. Well known for his technical ability in engineering outstanding Restorative mechanisms, Nasser has developed the world’s first ever non-surgical Screw retained gingiva system (Monalisa removable gum) for implant and non-implant Supported restorations with life-like aesthetics. Nasser understands the complexity of Designing smiles for an individual face and in recent years has developed a revolutionary “20 minute aesthetic smile design” concept that is regarded as an effective communication Tool especially for high-end aesthetic dentistry.

He collaborates routinely with prosthodontists in different parts of the world including US, Australia, Europe and Asia and Latin America.Nasser has also presented lectures and Hands-on courses regionally and internationally, while his articles on aesthetic dentistry Are published in dental journals throughout Asia, Australia, Europe and US.

He is the Managing Director of ORAL MAX, considered one of the most sophisticated Restorative laboratories in the Asia-Pacific region,dedicated to the highest quality Aesthetic restorative work. The center incorporates his specialist restorative laboratory Together with advanced training that specializes in continuing postgraduate education for Both clinicians and technicians.


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