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Fellowship in Cosmetic Dentistry (Theory Exam)

Exam Date: June 9th 2024

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Dr. Saiesha Mistry

Dear Members,

“When you strive for perfection, you can reach excellence “– John Kois.

Aesthetic Dentistry has been well and truly established as one of the most popular branches of dentistry. It is however not a formal specialty and as a result, MANY call themselves Aesthetic Dentists without need for proof of qualification.

In keeping with the trend of instant gratification, patients are treated with only a tunnel view of the aesthetics. There is often no respect or regard for form, function, and biology. Thus, detrimentally compromising the long term oral health of the patient.

It is only with training, education comes the awareness and knowledge that optimal aesthetics usually involves other parts of dentistry and sometimes other disciplines. This is what then enables us to provide not just good, but excellent aesthetic dental care.

It is the goal of the ACDI to provide education of the highest caliber and thus enable and empower the dentist, to achieve excellence in Aesthetic Dentistry while staying true to the core value of Responsible Aesthetics.

Dr. Saiesha Mistry

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