Academy of
Cosmetic Dentistry India

Welcome to ACDI

Dr. Mohan

Dear Members,

"The answers for tomorrow lie in today's dream"

And, for the dreams to come true we need to work hard. The inception of this association was a long time dream of many of us to impart Quality Dental Education which enables us to practice Quality Dental Practice. Cosmetic Dentistry has become a very popular branch these days, and unfortunately many practice this without knowing the basics of this branch. This branch is a multi medical specialty and the foundation is the stable stomotognathic system, as rightly put forth by PETER DAWSON.

But many take this branch very lightly, and hence, the primary aim of this association is to impart the inside science behind this specialty of dentistry by setting up a platform for quality education and training. Every big goal needs a humble beginning, so is this association. We promise to take you towards a brighter future. Our MOTTO being Together We Progress. Welcoming you to a new era.

Jai Hind
Dr.Mohan B, MDS, AACD